There is no straight pronunciation for the sounds ŒU and EU in French. One can have the same pronunciation as the other.
It mostly depends on the place of the sound in the word. More specifically, it depends if it's an open sound or a close sound.
The open sound is pronounced [ø], the close sound is pronounced [œ].
Make sure to watch the video to get the pronunciation right.

Remember it that way : 
- The open sound is the last sound of the word 
- The close sound is in the middle of the word, often followed by R - F - L 


Open sound

I can - Je peux

It's raining - Il pleut

A little - Un peu

Two - Deux

A wish - Un vœu

A knot - Un nœud

The hair - Les cheveux

The middle - Le milieu

Goodbye - Adieu

Blue - Bleu

A game - Un jeu

The fire - Le feu


Close sound

Une heure - An hour

Une peur - A fear

Neuf - New / Nine

Seul(e) - Alone

Un cœur - A piece of furniture

Un tracteur - A tractor

Une fleur - A flower

Un docteur - A doctor

Un ordinateur - A computer

Un œuf - An egg

Une sœur - A sister

Un cœur - A heart


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