H aspiré - H muet

Words starting with H in French are quite tricky, not because it changes the pronunciation of the word itself, but it changes the pronunciation of the group of words such as article + word starting with H. 

If you look into my article "How to read in French" (coming soon) when we pronounce a group of words such as an article and a noun starting with a vowel, we link the words together. 

For example : 
Un ami is pronounced Un nami, we link the word Un and Ami because Ami starts with a vowel

But if we look into another example, this time with a word starting with a consonant : 

UN COPAIN doesn't have a link between Un and Copain, simply because Copain starts with a consonant. 

It's going to work the same way with words starting with H. We have 2 different types of H, H aspiré and H muet.

H aspiré works as a consonant therefore there will be no links, when H muet works as a vowel, there will be a link. Let's see more examples below.


H aspiré


No link

An owl - Un hibou

A bean - Un haricot

An hedgehog - Un hérisson

A hamburger - Un hamburger

The height - La hauteur

A hip - Une hanche

A disability - Un handicap

Holland - La Hollande

H muet



Une habitude - An habit

Un hélicoptère - An helicopter

Une héroïne - A heroine

Une hirondelle - A swallow

Une histoire - A story

Un hiver - A winter

Une horreur - A horror

Un honneur - An honor

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