When Nouns Are Plural in French But Singular in English, And Vice Versa

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Les cheveux = Hair?

Did you know that French vocabulary doesn't always follow the same rules as English vocabulary? There is, of course, the gender of nouns, which in French can be either FÉMININ or MASCULIN, but sometimes it's also about the number that the noun represents. For example, if we take a closer look at "Les cheveux", in French, cheveux is always plural (unless we are talking about one hair). But in English, "hair" is singular. In this post, we are going to learn 26 words with different number in French and in English. Most of them are plural in French and singular in English. Don't forget to grab your free PDF at the bottom of the page.

List of Nouns With Different Number

Articles don't always match in this list, it was not easy to match the translation since they have a different number.


1. LES CHEVEUX (m) - Hair

Mes cheveux sont secs - My hair is dry

2. DES VACANCES (f) - A vacation

On a besoin de vacances -We need a vacation

3. DES PROGRÈS (m) - Some progress

Tes progrès sont incroyables - Your progress is incredible

4. LES COMBLES (m) - The attic

Les boîtes sont dans les combles - The boxes are in the attic

5. LES CÉRÉALES (f) - Cereal

Est-ce que tu veux des céréales ? - Do you want cereal?

6. LES ÉCHECS (m) - Chess

Je ne sais pas jouer aux échecs - I don't know how to play chess

7. LES FIANÇAILLES (m) - Engagement

Toute la famille a célébré leurs fiançailles - The entire family celebrated their engagement

8. LES PREUVES (f) - The evidence

Les officiers n'ont pas trouvé de preuves - The police officers didn't find evidence

9. LES MEUBLES (m) - Furniture

Les meubles seront livrés ce matin - Furniture will be delivered this morning

10. LES ORDURES (f) - The garbage

Les ordures sont ramassées tous les mardis - Garbage is picked up every Tuesday

11. LES DEVOIRS (m) - Homework

Est-ce que tu as fait tes devoirs ? - Did you do your homework?

12. LES REVENUS (m) - An income