How to pronounce VINGT (20) in French?

Just like the word SOURCILS, VINGT has 2 different pronunciations in French!

Don't forget to learn the gender of nouns when you learn French vocabulary.

=> F. for feminine nouns - M. for masculine nouns


The first pronunciation and the most common is when we don't pronounce the final T. Remember that in both cases we don't pronounce the G.

Let's look at the pronunciation with the IPA:

Vingt Twenty /vɛ̃/

=> If you want to understand how to use the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), you should have a look at The Complete Pronunciation Course


The second pronunciation is when the final T is pronounced. You will find this pronunciation in some parts of France and Belgium.

Let's look at the pronunciation with the IPA:

Vingt Twenty /vɛ̃t/

Final thoughts

As you read, both pronunciations are fine and correct. You can choose the one you prefer, the one you can remember easily.

I pronounced 20 with the final T, I also found it easier to pronounce in general since we add a Liaison most of the time when followed by other numbers. If you need to learn more about this subject, watch this video.

What about you? Which pronunciation are you going to use?

So here you have it, in one minute you learned something new in French. If you want to learn the pronunciation, check out the video below.


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