How to pronounce SOURCILS in French?

French pronunciation can sometimes be tricky. Even more when a word has 2 different pronunciations!

Let's look at both pronunciations and see which one is the correct one.

Don't forget to learn the gender of nouns when you learn French vocabulary.

=> F. for feminine nouns - M. for masculine nouns


The first pronunciation is when the L is pronounced. It is the most common and also the easiest to learn.

Let's look at the pronunciation with the IPA:

Des sourcils Eyebrows /suʁ.sil/ (M.)

=> Don't forget that plural of nouns are not pronounced in French. The final S is silent. If you need to learn more about pronunciation, you should have a look at The Complete Pronunciation Course


The second pronunciation is when the L is NOT pronounced. You will find this pronunciation in Canada and some parts of Europe.

Let's look at the pronunciation with the IPA:

Des sourci(ls) Eyebrows /suʁ.si/ (M.)

=> In this case, L and S are not pronounced. The last audible sound of the word is I.

Final thoughts

As you read, both pronunciations are fine and correct. You can choose the one you prefer, the one you can remember easily.

From my personal experience, after teaching this word again and again, I find that it's easier to learn SOURCILS /suʁ.sil/, simply because of the word CILS Lashes.

Since the word CILS has only one pronunciation with the final L pronounced, it's simply easier to remember both words by pronouncing the end of the words the same way. Des sourcils Eyebrows /suʁ.sil/ (M.)

Des cils Eyelashes /sil/ (M.)

What about you? Which pronunciation are you going to use?

So here you have it, in one minute you learned something new in French. If you want to learn the pronunciation, check out the video below.


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