How to say Glasses in French?

Updated: Mar 8

Ever wonder how to say glasses and sunglasses in French?

Just like in English, you can either say "Glasses" or "A pair of glasses", and it works for glasses and sunglasses. Let's look at the vocabulary and genders.

Regular glasses in French

Glasses in French are always plural and feminine. If you need a little help with French genders, you can have a look at this article. Don't forget to always use the article "DES" in front of the word.

  • Des lunettes - Glasses (F. Pl.)

You can also specify the type of glasses but you don't have to.

Saying only "Lunettes", everyone will understand that you are talking about your regular glasses. But if you want to be more precised, you can say:

  • Des lunettes de vue - Glasses (F. Pl.)

Now what about sunglasses?

Sunglasses in French is the literal translation of the English word.



The last step is to add "de" in the middle and switch the order of the word:

  • Des lunettes de soleil - Sunglasses (F. Pl.)

A pair of?

Another way to talk about your glasses in French, either glasses or sunglasses, is to use "A pair of" in front of glasses / sunglasses.

  • Une paire de lunettes - A pair of glasses (F. s.)

  • Une paire de lunettes de vue - A pair of glasses (F. s.)

  • Une paire de lunettes de soleil - A pair of sunglasses (F. s.)

So here you have it, in one minute you learned something new in French. If you want to learn the pronunciation, check out the video below.


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