35 words of slang you should know

Learning slang is, for me, a fun part of the learning process. But it's also so confusing! I put together more than 200 words but only listed 35 today. I want to do more videos about slang but maybe more specific. I haven't decided yet. If you have a request please let me know, it will help me decide what to do with the 165+ words I have left 😉

It is really interesting to pass the information of something so personal that is slang. After all, this is the way you speak to your friends, your family, only the person you are comfortable with witness you using this part of your language.

Not all French speakers use the same slang, and as a person trying to represent all kind of French speakers, this is not an easy subject. I had to do a bit of research to see if these words were common or not. Going from one town to another, slang can be different and/or offensive.

A word I didn't include in this list, or in the 200 words list that I have, is "un gosse". Where I am from, this is how we call a kid, and there is no negative meaning behind this word.

But one day, I was talking with a colleague, and I asked her : "Quel âge a ton gosse? - How old is your child?" She got really offended and told me "Ma fille n'est pas un gosse! - My daughter is not a "gosse"!". I had no bad intention asking this question, but she took it really badly, because where she is from, this is not a good word, it has a negative meaning.

By this experience, as I was writing the script for the video, I had to check every single word and make sure I wouldn't offend anyone. And if I do, trust me this is not my intention.

What is your favourite word in this list? And what is your favourite slang word in your native language?

You can watch the video here :

1. Abuser

"Pushing things too far"

Example : Tu m'as déjà emprunté 50 euros, tu abuses!

You already borrowed me 50 euros, you are pushing things too far

2. Une affaire

"A bargain"

Example : Je l'ai achetè 10 euros, quelle affaire!

I bought it for 10 euros, what a bargain!

3. Archi - méga - super - hyper

No translation needed I think 🙂

Example : Je suis hyper fatiguée

I am exhausted

4. Avaler la pilule

"To accept, to deal with it"

Example : Il a du mal à avaler la pilule

He has trouble to accept it

5. Avaler sa langue

"Cat got your tongue?"

Example : Tu ne dis rien, tu as avalé ta langue?

You are not saying anything, cat got your tongue?

6. Une balance

"A snitch"

Example : Quelle balance!

What a snitch!

7. Se barrer

"To take off"

Example : J'en ai assez, je me barre!

I have enough, I am taking off!

8. Se casser

"To take off"

Example : Je m'ennuie, je me casse!

I am bored, I am taking off!

9. Beurré


Example : Il est beurré

He is drunk

10. Le bide

"The tummy"

Example : J'ai mal au bide

I have a tummy ache

11. La boucler

"To shut up"

Example : Tu devrais la boucler

You should shut up

12. Avoir les boules

"To feel bad"

Example : J'ai vraiment les boules

I really feel bad

13. Foutre les boules

"To make someone feel scared"

Example : Halloween me fout les boules

Halloween scares me

14. Cailler

"To freeze"

Example : Ça caille aujourd'hui!

It's freezing today!

15. Choper

"To catch, to get"

Example : J'ai chopé la grippe

I got the flu

16. La crève

"A cold"

Example : J'ai la crève

I have a cold

17. Crever

"To be exhausted"

Example : Je suis crevée

I am exhausted

18. Fastoche


Example : L'examen était fastoche

The exam was easy

19. Un foutoir

"A mess"

Example : Ta chambre est un vrai foutoir!

Your bedroom is a real mess!

20. Une gonzesse

"A girlfriend"

Example : Où est ta gonzesse?

Where is your girlfriend?

21. Happy hour

Example : On va à l'happy hour

We are going to the happy hour

22. Avoir les jetons

"To be scared"

Example : Il fait noir, j'ai les jetons

It's dark, I am scared

23. Foutre les jetons

"To scare"

Example : Tu me fous les jetons

You are scaring me

24. Louper

"To miss"

Example : J'ai loupé mon bus

I missed my bus

"To fail"

J'ai loupé mon exam

I failed my exam

25. Mollo


Example : Vas-y mollo sur la sauce piquante

Easy on the hot sauce

26. Ouais - Yes

27. Une piaule

"A bedroom"

Example : Je vais dans ma piaule

I am going to my bedroom

28. Un pieu

"A bed"

Example : Je suis dans mon pieu

I am in bed

29. Une pompe

"A shoe"

Example : Est-ce que tu as vu mes pompes?

Have you seen my shoes?

30. Schlinguer

"To stink"

Example : Ce fromage schlingue

This cheese stinks

31. Taré


Example : Il est complètement taré

He is totally crazy

32. Un texto

"A text message"

Example : Envoie-moi un texto

Send me a text

33. Le top

"The best'

Example : Ce restaurant. c'est le top!

This restaurant, it's the best!

34. Un bouquin

"A book"

Example : Je lis un bouquin

I am reading a book

35. Les tifs


Example : Regarde mes tifs, je dois vraiment aller chez le coiffeur

Look at my hair, I really need to go to the hairdresser


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