30 French words you are pronouncing wrong!

Have you ever said something that you haven't thought much about, but nobody understand what you mean because the pronunciation is wrong, wrong, wrong - WRONG! It happens to me all the time in English, and it happens to all my French students as well. No language is safe in the crazy world of pronunciation!

From numbers to +, or ananas, to Oeuf and Oeufs, which for some magical reason changes totally when you add a S . Why? I don't know, but I can give you a list of words so you won't be embarrassed, or at least, not that much.

In this video and article, I put together 30 words that you are or are probably pronouncing wrong. The way to pronounce it is in red, don't write the word like that because this is not the good spelling, the good spelling is in BOLD. Good luck 😉

You can watch the video here :

1. Un oignon

"An onion"

Pronounce : Un onion

2. Un fils

"An onion"

Pronounce : Un fisse

3. Un monsieur

"A man"

Pronounce : Un messieu

4. Un utérus

"A uterus"

Pronounce : Un utérusse

5. Une femme

"A lady"

Pronounce : Une famme

6. UN Bonhomme

"A little guy"

7. Un ananas

"A pineapple"

Pronounce : Un ananasse

8. UN Puzzle

"A puzzle"

Pronounce : Un pezeul

9. UN Virus

"A virus"

Pronounce : Un virusse



Pronounce : Tennisse



Pronounce : Vinte



Pronounce : Un couscousse



Pronounce : Express

13. Un ours

"A bear"

Pronounce : Un oursse

15. UN tournevis

"A screwdriver"

Pronounce : Un tournevisse


"A sense"

Pronounce : Un sense

17. UN Rhinocéros

"A rhinoceros"

Pronounce : Un rhinocérosse

18. PLUS


Pronounce : Plusse

19. SEPT


Pronounce : Sette

20. UN LYS


Pronounce : Lisse

21. MAT


Pronounce : Matte

22. NET


Pronounce : Nette

23. UN But

"A goal"

Pronounce : Un butte

24. UN Concept

"A concept"

Pronounce : Un once P T - Pronounce P and T

25. UN Maïs

"Some corn"

Pronounce : Every single letter - M A I S

26. Noël


Pronounce : Every single letter - N O E L

27. Tous


Pronounce : Tousse

28. Un compte

"An account"

Pronounce : Un comte

29. Un oeuf - Des oeufs

"An egg - Eggs"

Pronounce : Un euf - Des eu

30. Un oeil - Des yeux