Do I give private classes? 

I get asked this question a few times a week at least. Do I or will I give private lessons? 
The short answer is no. I put all my energy into free lessons for my YouTube channel and into my free courses. 

But I know that so many of you don't know whom to trust for private lessons. I have been looking for a teacher sharing the same values as mine, someone who is patient, reliable, and who will adapt his lessons to your level and your difficulties. 

This is where comes Guillaume. He has experience both in schools and as a private teacher. Check out the little introduction that he wrote for you in the next paragraph. 


Bonjour !
Je suis Guillaume, le professeur de français. 

Guillaume has expérience with complet beginners, teaching from anglais. His méthode : teaching the transparent words first and making phrases fast. Amusement is part of it, but there is vocabulaire to learn, notes to take : no miracles. Most of the effort comes from toi, he is merely the coach who will guide your énergie. He adore giving leçons of 15 minutes, as it allows for more fréquentes classes. Fréquence over quantité, anyday ! 

His fees include access to a vocabulary app of your choice, the material for classes, support to find other people to talk french with, and other goodies as and when. 29EUR/hr is the starting rate for online lessons, decreasing as you commit to more lessons. The first lesson is always free, of course as you need to get to know each other. 

I love private classes and I can't wait to meet new people! 

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