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The Complete Pronunciation Course includes : 

  • 99 pages with all the content used on the videos (including the content for listening practices)

  • 105 listening practices

The book will be available on :

  • Amazon / Paperback 

  • Amazon / Kindle

  • PDF



  • CAN I access all the lessons on December 1st ?

Unfortunately no, the lessons will be released every day between December 1st and January 24th.

  • how many lessons does the course include ? 

The course includes 55 lessons

  • Is the course completely free ? 

All the 55 lessons will be released on my YouTube channel and free to watch. Only the book and the listening practices will be available for purchase.

  • Can I buy only the listening practices ?

No, the listening practices are only available with the book. The content of the listening practices are in the book so it wouldn't make sense to sell them separately.

  • IF I want to buy the book on amazon, do I also get the listening practices ?

If you buy the book on Amazon, Kindle or paperback, just send me an email with the proof of purchase and I will give you access to the listening practices.

  • CAN I ACCESS all the lessons when I buy the book ?

If you buy the book after January 24th, you will have access to all the lessons. If you buy it before this date, you will have to follow the daily lessons on YouTube.


Yes! I have a lot of courses coming up in 2021-2022 including grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, genders and numbers, and many more. 

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