10-20 min

Per day

Learn the French grammar in one course!

This course includes:

  • 7 chapters

  • 47 video lessons

  • A book including 200 exercises

  • Free audios of the examples

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This course starts by analyzing a simple sentence made of basic parts of speech: subject + verb + article + noun. 

Each point will bring one more element to the sentence. Suddenly, you reach an advanced level without even thinking about it! How wonderful is that?

This course / book is easy to follow with the 47 video lessons that I upload everyday on my YouTube channel, starting September 2nd. You can follow along the lessons and pause the videos and do the exercises as we advance in the book. 

THE 47 lessons


Lesson 1 - September 2nd

Lesson 2 - September 3rd

Lesson 3 - September 4th

Lesson 4 - September 5th

Lesson 5 - September 6th

Lesson 6 - September 7th

Lesson 7 - September 8th

Lesson 8 - September 9th

Lesson 9 - September 10th

Lesson 10 - September 11th

Lesson 11 - September 12th

Lesson 12 - September 13th

Lesson 13 - September 14th

Lesson 14 - September 15th

Lesson 15  - September 16th

Lesson 16 - September 17th

Lesson 17 - September 18th

Lesson 18 - September 19th

Lesson 19 - September 20th

Lesson 20 - September 21st

Lesson 21 - September 22nd

Lesson 22 - September 23rd

Lesson 23 - September 24th

Lesson 24 - September 25th

Lesson 25 - September 26th

Lesson 26 - September 27th

Lesson 27 - September 28th

Lesson 28 - September 29th

Lesson 29 - September 30th

Lesson 30 - October 1st

Lesson 31 - October 2nd

Lesson 32 - October 3rd

Lesson 33 - October 4th

Lesson 34 - October 5th

Lesson 35 - October 6th

Lesson 36 - October 7th

Lesson 37 - October 8th

Lesson 38 - October 9th

Lesson 39 - October 10th

Lesson 40 - October 11th

Lesson 41 - October 12th

Lesson 42 - October 13th

Lesson 43 - October 14th

Lesson 44 - October 15th

Lesson 45 - October 16th

Lesson 46 - October 17th

Lesson 47 - October 18th

And the test

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Thorough Review of French Grammar

Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2021

Dylane delivers each lesson with delightful energy reflecting her enthusiasm for teaching all the grammatical components of the French language. It’s a privilege to have Dylane as our professor. Merci.

The reviews on Amazon


The Easiest Way to improve you basic French!

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 3, 2021

I have been learning French over a period of a few years off and on and I have made gradual progress. I have followed two of Dylane's Course, this one and the Conjugation of French Verbs and the difference to my learning has been amazing. . The books are well layed out and easy to follow, but the bonus is, that on "You Tube" Dylane runs a FREE course using the books she has written. This means that for the price of the book you get on line tuition for free.

I cannot recommend Dylane's work highly enough. I am so glad I found her, the books and the course.



Highly recommended

Reviewed in the United States on September 30, 2021

I highly recommend this book for French language learners from beginners to Intermediate! I have been following Dylane on Youtube for a long time and when she brought out her books I very quickly purchased them. They are fantastic! Everything is very clearly explained and in just small chapters. Dylane also takes the time to explain why a word is pronounced or used in such a way, this makes it easier to remember. I have been learning French for a number of years and wish I had known of Dylane much earlier. I am even explaining grammar and pronunciation rules to my tutor now!



Excellent blend of bite sized video lessons & plenty of exercises.

Reviewed in the United States on October 6, 2021

I have purchase all of the author's course books, including this one, and they are all well worth the cost. All are accompanied by extensive bite sized (usually 5-15 minutes) free videos for each lesson which are to the point and easy to understand. The book provides plenty of practice exercises. The video portion of this course is presently under way and will complete in the next few weeks. The author is passionate about her language and it shows. She is a gifted teacher and responsive to questions, answering promptly. I am a self-learner and have purchased numerous books but find this book, her other books and their accompanying videos the clearest and easiest to understand along with those of Trudie Booth, another native French speaker. They can be used either by themselves or as an adjunct to a formal French course.



  • how many lessons does the course include? 

This course includes 47 lessons.

  • Is the course completely free? 

All the lessons are available on my YouTube channel and free to watch. Only the book and the practice sheets are available for purchase.

  • Will the book be available on AMAZON?

The book is available on Amazon as a Paperback and Kindle. The PDF version is also available. 

  • CAN I ACCESS all the lessons when I buy the book?

No, the lessons will be released every day starting in September 2nd.


The audio of the examples used in the book will be available to download on Teachable if you bought the PDF version. If you bought the paperback, used the link in the preface to access them. 
Just like the video lessons, the audios will be available to download every day after each lesson. 


Yes! Pronunciation and conjugation are already available, see below. 
The next ones are vocabulary, genders and numbers, and expressions. 

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