Improve your French listening practice with this little chit-chat in slow French about the things I do every day. My good and my bad habits. This lesson is available in English and in French.


Améliorez votre compréhension à l'audition en français avec cette conversation en français à propos des choses que je fais tous les jours. Mes bonnes et mes mauvaises habitudes. Cette leçon est disponible en anglais et en français.

Everything to understand this French chit-chat including:

  • Vocabulary

  • Grammar

  • Conjugation

  • Pronunciation

  • Expressions


All the secrets behind the story are explained in this book. What conjugation is used, why we use "de" instead of "des", the specific pronunciation, what words to keep together, and more!

This book is a part of a series with a new release every month.

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